Sell Your House Following These Easy Steps


The first step in selling your house is to contact us with no obligation by contacting us at (304) 268 9672 or by filling out our online form.


Tell us where your house is located, the features and amenities of the house, and any faults or repairs that may be needed on the house. We buy houses in As-Is condition so there is no need to fix anything or clean out the house. In some cases we may schedule a time to visit the property to make a better assessment prior to making an offer.


Once we have all of the information related to the property and its condition, you will receive a no obligation offer.


Once you accept our offer we will conveniently send you a contract. We can submit contracts via fax, email, or priority mail. Once you receive the contract send it back to us within 3-5 business days.


Once the contract is received back to us we’ll schedule a closing date. If you live locally you’ll just have to sign some paperwork and close on your time. If you live out of town, the closing documents will be sent to you via overnight delivery. Remember we can close in a little as 14 days.

Not convinced yet? Let’s Compare

Take a close look at this hypothetical example for a property worth $100,000. Compare the numbers and see how it all adds up.
Traditional Agent Heffle Capital LLC
Offer Price $100,000 $100,000
Commissions (6%) $6000 $0
Closing Costs (1.5%) $1500 $0
Days on Market 14 days average 0
Closing Time Frame 30-45 days average 7-21 days
Net Profit to Seller $92,500 $100,000
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